Imitation is the sincerest form of…?

There is a well-know phrase thats says “Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery” which we believe to be some parts true.  But when the imitators get it wrong, we can substute Flattery for Humour.

The Apple iPad has changed the way corporations market themselves at trade shows, retail stores and special events.  “From getting our hands on the first generation iPad, we knew it was something big – it just needed an effective and secure method in which to make the promotional functions for iPad easy to offer to the general public.”  On came the development of locking iPad Cases, enclosures and free standing displays that would showcase your iPad device, website, or custom App in a secure Kiosk or Stand that can be placed anywhere your customer travels – Retail Shopping Stores, Banks, Office Building Lobby’s, Restaurants,  Auto dealer showrooms, Trade show displays/exhibits and special events.

“If you want to create a truly secure Locking iPad Kiosk Display Stand, you need to eliminate the potential for tampering by the general public” says Gary Porter, president.  “We set out to offer a truly functional and secure Locking iPad holder in our iPillar Kiosk Display Stand, that when once assembled, has no visible screws or mounting hardware.  Yet it’s extremely convenient for our customers to access their iPad tablet devices using their keys in our dual locking enclosure”.

Having the ability to use the iPad Portrait (Veritcal) or Landscape (Horizontal) gives the iPillar complete versitity to optimize any website or App (application) or change it from show to show.  Along comes the imitators who copy the overall look and style of our iPillar but really dropped the ball when it comes to the features that make iPillar so great.  We came across one advertiser who cautions that when the iPad enclosure on their stand is mounted Landscape, the charging cable is visible on the outside of the enclosure or require special cables or cords to power your iPad device – that’s just a couple of examples of an oversight that not only looks horrible from an aesthetics standpoint, but can sacrifice the security of your iPad device.  What other important security features do these copycat imitators leave off to increase their profit margins by offering an inferior product,  and what is your iPad device security worth to you?  

Don’t be fooled by look-alike imitations – you can indeed mount your iPad tablet in our locking enclosure Vertical (Portrait) or horizontal (Landscape) WITHOUT any cords or wires visible on the exterior of our iPillar locking iPad kiosk stand!  If it doesn’t say iPillar – it’s not an iPillar.


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