iPillar Locking iPad Kiosk stands are a Summer Blockbuster Smash Hit

jurassic world movie poster

Where can I buy an ipad tablet kiosk stand like the ones shown in the new Jurassic Park – Jurassic World Movie?

Jurassic World is quickly becoming this summer’s blockbuster movie.

Spoiler alert: The story line is based on a new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything is going well until the park’s newest attraction Indominus Rex –a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine–escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.

Inside the containment area, Claire (played by Actress Bryce Dallas Howard) keeps track of the Indominus Rex using a freestanding kiosk display stand equipped with the Jurassic World tracking tablet to check the status of the gigantic Indominus Rex dionosaur.

Nat-geo-WILD_TVWe are completely amazed at the uses for our iPillar locking iPad Kiosk stands, Counter Displays and Wall Mount locking enclosures. From Trade Shows, Conventions, Conferences, Retail, Restaurant, Food Service, Automotive Dealerships, in-cab transportation/trucking, and Health Care; the iPillar tablet locking iPad Kiosk stands are appearing everywhere. Customers love the ease of integration and it has been proven to be an approachable way to interact with your customers where you are running customer feedback surveys, websites, custom apps for your product or service, lead generation, video/photo galleries, the iPillar tablet locking iPad Kiosk stands are making it affordable and easy to execute with minimal floor or counter space.

In the real world, our iPillar Freestanding Locking iPad Kiosk stand has been used by National Geographic in a public attraction to Track the Wild Cats. (see inset photo).

How will you use yours?

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